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Vestige Quilt Pattern

Free Spirit Fabrics

As a Conservatory authorized retailer, we are able to carry the exclusive Conservatory patterns. The Vestige Quilt is a fresh display of geometry and smooth curves that highlights the trademark Bookhou’s artistic point of view. Even if you are new to curves this is a friendly challenge that comes together much more simply that you may think. We alternated the background between almost black and dark gray, to emphasize Bookhou's clear palette, but feel free to improvise! Made up of thirty-six 12” blocks and finishing at 72” square. Vestige Quilt made with Vestige by Bookhou’s for Anna Maria's Conservatory. Quilt Designed by Anna Maria Horner & Pam Matthews, Writing Contributions from Anna Maria Horner, Pam Matthews and Cindy Luby.


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