Happy Apple Quilts shop in Tampa, Florida

We Turn Your T-Shirts into a Memory Quilt!

  • Collage style – unique and beautiful
  • Any size logo is perfectly placed in the design of the quilt
  • No sashing or on-iron interfacing – results in a softer quilt
  • Professionally quilted on an INNOVA longarm
  • Top quality stitching
  • Top quality thread
  • Optimal quilting density for long lasting quilt
  • Hobbs Heirloom 80/20 batting
  • Top quality 100% cotton backing fabric
  • Not just T-shirts - also baby clothes, sports jerseys, clothing, etc.

Click here for T-Shirt Sample Prices.

Call Maura at 813-925-9028 or email at for more information or to make an appointment.

We make t-shirt quilts for customers all over the United States. Mail-in Form


We are not limited to working with T-shirts

Please notice the Snow White costume in the first quilt, and girls bib overalls, tank top, pockets and embroidered pant leg in the next quilt.

Extra fee for specialty items