Sparrow QE: Quilter's Edition

The EverSewn Sparrow QE is a great sewing and quilting machine.  The impeccable stitch quality, modern design and unique sewing features makes it the perfect quilting and sewing machine! It offers everything a creative sewist could need at a very attractive price / performance ratio.  Key Features: 
  • The Sparrow QE has an 8 inch sewing throat that can easily handle larger quilts! 
  • The machine comes equipped with a knee-lifter, thread cutter and additional straight stitch plate. 
  • With over 70 stitch patterns, a very intuitive control panel and a flawless stitch quality - this is the perfect machine for every quilter! 
  • With over 850 RPM sewing speed, approximately 16lb., a 7mm stitch width and all other EverSewn key features this really is a great mid-range machine. 
This machine is Pick Up In Store Only! Optional Accessories Sold Separately: EverSewn Extension Table, 8 Piece Quilting Foot Kit

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Fabric can be purchased in decimal quantities starting at 0.5 yd, 0.75yd, 1.0yd, 1.25yd, etc.