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Rediscovering Your Stash with Bill Kerr


Friday, July 19th, 2019 9pm to 5pm (2 hr lunch/shopping break included)
Overwhelming or Organized? Either way, if you are stash loving, fabricholic, this class is definitely for you.
Gain color confidence and plan creative ways to use your stash in one day! Mix a big dose of color theory with an in-depth discussion of combining patterns and a pinch of working with large-scale fabrics and you’ll end up with a plan for projects that you want to make from the fabrics you already have.

In addition, you’ll have consultations about how to freshen up your stash while learning how to use fabrics that you love but find perplexing. You’ll see new possibilities for working with your stash and leave the workshop with beautiful palettes and plans for your next few projects.

Bring as large of a variety fabrics as you can. By the suitcase, by the tote, by the tub. The more the merrier. Be inspired and reinvigorated as together with Bill and fellow fabric lovers, you unleash the possibilities.

And if you don't want to bring your stash - No Problem!
We are bringing ours and giving class participants PHENOMENAL SAVINGS.
For Rediscovering Your Stash class participants ONLY
Buy 29 or fewer Fat Quarters for $2 each.
Or go wild and buy 30 or more for only $1 each!
Your choice - 29 for $58 or 30 for $30. I know which I'd choose.

Click here for a downloadable supply list.


Fabric can be purchased in decimal quantities starting at 0.5 yd, 0.75yd, 1.0yd, 1.25yd, etc.