Happy Apple Quilts shop in Tampa, Florida

Longarm Quilting Services By Mail

We quilt for you - no matter where you live.

Guaranteed quilt turnaround in 30 days, excluding mail time.

Computerized edge-to-edge quilting services are done on our INNOVA longarms.

See our best selling edge-to-edge quilting designs below. (Prices are 1.5 cents, 2.0 cents or 2.5 cents per square inch.)

Click on the Quilting by Mail Order Form button and enter all requested information. (Instructions included to pay required $50 deposit)

Print two copies of form, keep one and mail one to us with your quilt. 

We will call you when your quilt arrives and go over your quilting selections with you.

Have a question? Call us at 813-855-2857 for mail inquiries.


Calculate the base price of your quilt:

  • Length X Width= Square Inches
  • Square Inches X E2E Price = Estimates Quilt Price


We will ship by USPS.

$15 for the first quilt in a shipment. $7 per additional quilt shipped in the same box.

  • 1.5 cents/sq. in.
  • 2.0 cents/sq. in.
  • 2.5 cents/sq. in.
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Diagonal Plaid

    Diagonal Plaid edge to edge design

    Becker's Shooting Star

    Beckers Shooting Star edge to edge design


    Simple edge to edge design

    Circle Meander

    Circle Meander edge to edge design


    Waverly edge to edge quilting design


    Surf edge to edge quilting design

    Daisy on a String

    Daisy on a String edge to edge quilting design

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