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Paper Pieced Collage

Friday’s, June 7th and 21st, 2019 - 10:30am – 3:00pm

Jan Johnson

Jan has made a variety of paper pieced blocks from Carol Doak’s books. Begin with a block she has selected for the first lesson and then choose the one you want for the second block. Experience why Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper is perfect for paper piecing because it is so easy to use; it will not loosen the stitches when easily removed and eases when joining the blocks together. The focus of session two is putting the blocks together to create a finished masterpiece! The assembly session is such a valuable lesson, too. Carol Doak’s newest book, 50 Little Paper Pieced Block’s will arrive in May! The patterns included in the 40-page book creates perfectly-pieced 3” miniature quilt blocks in a variety of themes—from hearts, flowers, airplanes and birthday cakes. These blocks are also perfect to mix and match for making table linens, wall quilts, and other small projects. You can even make them into greeting cards!
  • Supply List

    • Carol Doak’s book
    • Carol Doak’s Foundation Paper
    • Add a quarter ruler
    • Flathead pins
    • Thread
    • Microtex 90/14 sewing machine needle


    • Sewing Machine with foot pedal and cord; manual
    • Sewing machine needles
    • Open toe machine foot is helpful
    • Rotary cutter
    • Large and small Scissors
    • Pen or Pencil and paper for notes
    • Small iron and ironing mat (optional but very helpful)


    • Xerox the class block and one additional block of your choice onto Carol Doak’s foundation paper.