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The Best Longarm Quilting Machine on the Market!


A beautiful new sleek and colorful design with the same excellence of quality INNOVA is known for.

  • LED Lighting system with bright, dim and black light.
  • Lightning Stitch with user programmed stitch presets.
  • Fully adjustable handles allowing nearly 360 degrees of rotation for perfect positioning.
  • And countless more features!

INNOVA M24 longarm

Computerized Robotics


INNOVA's premiere computerized quilting system!

Conveniently create Edge to Edge designs

or load from your favorite designers.

Best masking and modifying abilities to design

 for your specific quilt top.

600 preloaded designs to work with.

Grand Format Embroidery

Component of AutoPilot Mach 3.

Imagine a 12' hoop free embroidery system.

Path Apply feature for creative advantages

 in creating your own embroidery and applique designs.


 Equipped with the Microsoft Windows 7 All-in-One Tablet PC, the Navigatorâ„¢ provides you capabilities for design layout, editing, and complete control of final pattern stitch out.

Ability to go back and forth between free motion quilting and computerized.

Record your own free motion quilting to save as a design.

50 preloaded patterns.


Design your very own                                Longarm Quilting    Machine!

Choose the size best suited for your needs!

INNOVA Quilting Machine sewheads with 18", 22", 26", or 32"

arms and the largest sew zone per arm length.

Several quilt frame length choices from 5' to 14'.

Standard Stitch Regulation or Patented Lightning Stitch

Free Motion, Pantovision guided, Navigator Robotics

or AutoPilot Mach 3 Robotics. 

Fully Upgradeable. Get everything now, or add features later.

Financing Available

Multiple financing options are available so you can 

purchase the best machine on the market.

The INNOVA longarm is completely upgradeable.

You can start with the hand driven INNOVA & add on robotics when ready.

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INNOVA is the Last Longarm You Will Buy!

We accept Trade-Ins so you can Trade-Up to INNOVA!

Our longarm will outshine any other on the market. Come in to see!

Trade In Machines Available For Sale.

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Quilt with the best!

Designed for longarm quilting by Wonderfil.

The best thread for any longarm,

but available only at an INNOVA dealer.

40wt. poly wrapped poly: smooth finish, low lint, trouble free