Strippy September Continues!

Now that we understand proper sewing techniques for strips, let’s talk about creating the strips!

Stripology Squared Ruler

Our favorite ruler for cutting strips is the Stripology Squared ruler designed by Gudrun Erla for Creative Grids.  We love how versatile this ruler is - it is not a ‘one trick pony’. Yes, you can cut strips with this ruler and there is so much more.  You can square-up half square triangle blocks, square and trim blocks up to 12”, sub-cut strips, fussy cut, and more.

The Stripology Squared ruler comes with all of our favorite aspects of the Creative Grid rulers.  The back of the ruler has the perfect exclusive gripper texture to keep your ruler in place eliminating miss-cuts. Easily line up your fabric strips with the multiple markings on the ruler. Your favorite 2 1/2” strip measurements are marked by a square icon on the bottom of the ruler. Use the solid black lines to line up your common block sizes such as 4" 6”, 8" and more for trimming.  Use the diagonal lines to line up the corners of your block for squaring or fussy cutting. This ruler has so many cutting options.

See the Stripology Squared ruler in action.  Watch this video by Creative Grids to see how wonderful and easy this ruler is!

With so many cutting options, you may worry about remembering which groove you are cutting into.  Gudrun thought of this and created the perfect accessory to combat this issue.  

The Ruler Stickers are little vinyl arrows that you can place on your ruler to easily mark where you cut.  These stickers lift off with no residue and come in bright colors.  These stickers are so great, you can use them on all your rulers.  With 192 in a pack, they will last you a lifetime of quilting! 

Order your Ruler Stickers Here.

GEasy Ruler Stickers for Stripology Ruler

This ruler will be your go to ruler. Imagine how quickly you can cut strips of all widths.  Look at the cutting directions for your pattern, no matter what the fabric requirements are.  If your pattern requires cutting the fabric into strips, use your Stripology Squared ruler to save you time and gain accuracy!

Come in to the store to order your Stripology Squared ruler. If you are a guild member, you can save 10% on the ruler in store. This is also a perfect use for your monthly in-store 20% Off Coupon.

Gudrun has even created patterns specifically to use with the Stripology and Stripology Squared rulers. These fun patterns use the Stripology rulers to their best ability to create fun quilts, fast.

stripology patterns

Author: Ellen Ault