“Pioneer” and “modern” are not words usually found in the same sentence.  But think about this – all pioneers were modern in the time they lived!

So, meet the extraordinary design team of Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle, pioneers of the Modern Quilt movement.  


Weeks made her first modern quilt in 1987 to rethink the possibilities of the American quilt as being expressive of the time in which we live. Sewing since he was 8, Bill began designing and making modern quilts in 1995.

This year they celebrate 20 years as Modern Quilt Studios. 

Modern Quilt Studio Celebrates 20 years

Bill and Weeks even wrote the first book on modern quilting, The Modern Quilt Workshop.   Following that successful book were Quiltmaker’s Color Workshop, Quilts Made Modern and Transparency Quilts.

In 2011 they launched “Modern Quilts Illustrated,” the first magazine exclusively dedicated to modern quilting. Their work has appeared in American Patchwork & Quilting, Quilts Japan, Australian Quilter’s Companion, Dwell, O: The Oprah Magazine, TIME, The New York Times, and Country Living.

Bill and Weeks teach extensively throughout the US, Canada, Japan (in Japanese), England and France (in French).  Weeks writes the blogs Craft Nectar and Yes, Weeks is her real name. Bill is also Director of Graphic Design Discipline at Dominican University in River Forest, IL.


Bill and Weeks design several fabrics lines a year for Benartex Fabrics and have developed bedding and textile lines for Crate and Barrel. -

Don’t miss an extraordinary opportunity to learn from Bill Kerr at Stitcher Paradise, July 18 – 20, 2019 in St. Petersburg, FL!  If you don’t want to sew, enroll in one of Bill’s no-sew classes on Saturday.

Bill is a wonderfully natural teacher and we are delighted to bring Bill Kerr, modern quilt design pioneer to Stitcher Paradise in July 2019. 

Enjoy your fabric love as Bill teaches you to combine a wide range of styles, hues, values with confidence.  Break out of the “collection” mindset.  I have always strayed across company, collection, genre boundaries when I choose fabrics.  I love helping our shopping friends at Happy Apple Quilts find fun combinations for their quilts with a little surprise factor.   That’s why I’ve started “Karen’s Choice” quilt kits.  

But don’t be limited by someone else’s choices – let Bill teach you to make your own.  Like me, you will be inspired by Bill’s knowledge and genuine joy of sharing his talent for making beautiful things.  I can’t wait to see Bill again and I am so excited that you can meet him, too. 

Happy Quilting, Karen Grof