Happy Apple Quilts was a home to a whirlwind of color, inspiration, and design in October of 2018.  We were the final shop of the Kaffe Fassett 2018 Fall Tour and it was an incredible success.

Our weekend began with Kaffe Fassett's evening lecture on Color and Inspiration.  We had over 300 color lovers in attendance!

Kaffe Fassett 2018 Fall Tour

Kaffe Fassett Presenting in Tampa FloridaThe evening opened with Kaffe Fassett describing his beginnings of his artistic career.  Starting as an art student and learning all about color in school opened up a world of opportunities.  He began as a painter, moving into yarns and knit, and eventually into fabric design.

We learned of his eye for inspiration in the everyday and finding color as a lifelong learning journey. Kaffe encourages to use scale to your advantage, take your time, and many people's favorite: work on 6 projects at once!

Attendee's were fortunate to see a glimpse into his impressive china collection, see the original inspirations to some of his classic fabric designs, and have their favorite books of his autographed.

53 quilters had an experience of a lifetime this weekend. Kaffe and Brandon arrived at the shop and selected bolts of fabric to use in the two workshops.

Kaffe Fassett and Brandong Mably color picking at Happy Apple QuiltsThese workshops focused on design, the use of color, and involved no sewing!  Students learned how the value of a color can be utilized for design placement and how large scale prints can be utilized in piecing.  Students were encouraged to work outside of their box and develop a quilt that would explore color in a new way.

Using the signature Kaffe Fassett flannel design walls, students could quickly create a quilt layout and appreciate the sense of color and movement from the quilts.  

Moonlight Workshop Design

Kaffe and Brandon were on hand to assist with color placement and introduce suggestions that would make their quilt shine.  Each workshop concluded with a critique of every quilt by Kaffe Fassett.  The final 20 minutes of class was a wealth of inspiration on its own!

Mediterranean Hexagon Workshop Critique

Truly an amazing weekend full of color and inspiration! We encourage you all to look at your use of fabric, scale and color in a new way.  

Inspired? Shop the Kaffe Fassett Collective with us!