Tambourine by Anna Maria Horner


Anna Maria's booth at fall Quilt Market drew us in.

Her new collection shows one of her classic themes, Folk Art.

Tambourine by Anna Maria Horner

Tambourine is a diverse mix of imagery that celebrates nature, rhythm and fine details. The flora and fauna colored with moody and rich palettes go beyond the more typical cute folk look, but travel to more exotic and authentic places.

Spotted in the Crowd

If Anna Maria Horner is a long time favorite designer of yours, you will be happy to see her leopard print has returned! Originally in her Field Study collection, now at a slightly smaller scale. Anna Maria is in the mindset that a leopard print always works!

 Bird Watching

 Anna Maria began by drawing overlocking loops and filling the shapes in with lyrical animals. Inspired by an Ukranian artist Maria Prymachencko, whose celebrated work was largely influenced by folklore. An accomplished artist at 16, Maria P. was a contemporary of Matisse and Picasso.

One of Anna Maria's favorites,she wanted to create a simple rhythmical flower. She paired flowers together vertically in a repeat, which mimics how we scroll on a text message on our phones. These flowers are having a lovely conversation!

Gypsy Heart & Hidden 

Two prints that add light and sparkle, blending the colorways and focus prints together. Anna Maria sketches traditionally, but composes digitally on an iPad. She loves that even with technology, the tablet shows her hand drawn line work and little imperfections. 

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*photography and insights included in post are from Anna Maria Horner*