Quilts of Valor Foundation at Happy Apple QuiltsQuilters are giving and creative people. Not everyone understands our love for fabric, cutting it into smaller pieces, and putting it back together. We do this to create quilts for family, friends, and loved ones. We create quilts for those in need. Our quilts are ways we feel we can give back to others, as we put our heart into every stitch.

Quilts of Valor Foundation is an organization very important to those of us here at Happy Apple Quilts and others in the quilting community. Quilts of Valor began in 2003, when a mom from Delaware wanted to welcome her son home from Iraq.  The project took off from there, as quilts were seen as a method of healing for the servicemen and women, showing them that people cared for their service and in turn cared for them.

Quilts of Valor ABC Action News

Since then, over 187,000 quilts have been awarded to veterans around the United States. These quilts are a true method of love as every quilt is created by a volunteer. A quilter can piece blocks, pass it to another to create the quilt top. A different quilter may do the actual quilting and pass it to the next for binding. A true team comes together where each quilter's strengths are shared to create the best quality quilt we can give.

Here at Happy Apple Quilts, our Quilts of Valor group consists of 25 members that meet monthly in our classroom. Some give their time at the meeting where most continue to create these quilt tops at home.  Our Florida Quilting Center donates usage of our Innova Longarms and time to quilt these important quilt tops.

We have been fortunate to have a few dedication ceremonies here at Happy Apple Quilts.  Our team has created over 200 quilts since its group formed six years ago.  They continue to quilt and will each day, knowing if it wasn't for the servicemen, we would likely not be able to do so.

Quilts of Valor is completely comprised of volunteers and donations. They are always looking for help.  There is a waiting list of over 100 service men and women to be awarded quilts.

For financial donations, please donate to their website HERE and place group number 19129 in your donation.

Fabric donations of new, clean Red, White, and Blue fabrics and backing are gladly appreciated.  

To further our mission, we were very fortunate to have TWO news stations spotlight Quilts of Valor in the media on Memorial Day Weekend, 2018.

View the interview from ABC Action News HERE.ABC Action News at Happy Apple Quilts for Quilts of Valor

View the interview from Channel 10 News HERE.


Have you quilted for Quilts of Valor or know a recipient? Let us know in the comments!

Author: Ellen Ault