It's time for new sheets on your bed.  Have you been down the sheet aisle in a Target or Bed Bath and Beyond lately? Choices may be slim and more expensive than we really want to pay for.  So what about doing it yourself? 

Keep reading to find our Free Downloadable PDF Pattern!


If you have access to a sewing machine and either a wide back fabric or knit fabric, you have this covered.  Now with a wide back fabric starting at 108", this will be a breeze.  And most knits that are 60" will work for a kid's twin size bed! Have you felt designer knit fabric lately? Super snugly and perfect to sleep on.  You can create a custom fitted sheet for your bed or your child's bed in no time.  And now you get to pick the fabric that will match your decor! Perfect, right?  

With knits, you can pick any fabric which will feel super snugly to sleep on.  Our My Little Pony is for the perfect granddaughter which loves the show! We love the hand on Free Spirit wide backs which feel cool against our skin.


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Very important, after you spend time picking out just the right fabric, you need to wash it first! This is a must.  If you create your sheets without pre-washing, good chance once you wash sheets later on your elastic will pucker and not fit well the second go-round. Save yourself time and effort and wash before cutting and sewing! We are avid pre-washers for fabric for bedding and garments.  With quilting, we can get into a debate later.

This design will work for any bed size! We have the math equation figured out for you, so you can have the sheets just right! 

Ok, ready to make a new sheet for your bed?  It is actually simpler than it looks.  Remember, a bed is a rectangle.  First, you need to make a few measurements on your bed. Determine your bed's width, length, and depth and write it on our pattern.  Add these values together to get the perfect size rectangle sheet for your bed.  You will add your width, your depth twice (remember you have a right side and a left side) and then add 4" for seam allowance and casing.  Repeat this for your length.  You now have two measurements to cut for your sheet fabric.

Follow our directions on our Free Downloadable Pattern to complete your fitted sheets!  Good luck and show us when you are done!