You may love looking at border print fabrics in your favorite quilt shop, but do you know what to create with them?  We have some great ideas from a Pillowcase Dress to intricate patchwork!

First you need to measure your Border Print to decide how to use it.


If your border print is half the width of your fabric, you have a few options to use for such a large scale.  The most well-known option is to create garments! Easily create a border print skirt by inserting a waistband or for little girls, create a Pillowcase Style dress! Here is a free pattern! You can even alter a T-Shirt pattern for using the border print with your fabric placement.  Really think about where you can place clothing templates on a fold!


You are more likely to find repeating border prints on fabric in a quilt store. Some will be a short 3” repeat and many will have multiple heights. These prints will find many more uses!  When it comes to patchwork, design possibilities are endless!

Check to see if your border stripe has coordinating yardage or panels.  You might find your design inspiration right there!  Take a panel section and use the border print as its most literal intent. A border!  With fussy cutting and mitered corners you can create a special design.

Cattitude Border Print quilt fabric

Cattitude Panel Border Print Block

With border prints, it’s time to break out your quilt rulers!  When was the last time you used a 60 degree triangle or a Dresden Ruler?  If it is a Creative Grids ruler, take a look at the front.  Most now give design options right on the ruler to inspire you.  Place the bottom of the ruler on your stripe and shift the ruler around to see how you can fussy cut the designs.  A 60 degree ruler is great to create fast hexagons. Create a single hexagon for a table topper or multiple for a quilt.

Polar Hugs Border Print Fabric with 60 degree ruler

Polar Hugs Border Print fabric hexagon

The Dresden quilt block is a traditional favorite among quilters!  Play with a border print that has a short height and repeat to create new designs!  Give the Dresden a modern twist by creating a Dresden Stripe!  Using a border print or stripe fabric will create an entirely new design!

Dresden Ruler with Halloween Border Print Fabric

Dresden with Border Print Fabric Stripes

Is your triangle ruler actually a Spider Web ruler?  Use the same concept as 60 degree rulers to cut out shapes and fussy cut designs.  Add coordinating yardage to set your blocks!

Spider Web with Purrsuasion  Border Print FabricSpider Web with Purrsuasion  Border Print Fabric

A little unsure on how to use those great triangle rulers with Border Prints?  Our favorite part of Creative Grids is their education! Many of their rulers now have videos to go along with them.  Check out their YouTube page!

Shop for Border Prints here! Which is your favorite border print design? Let us know in the comments!   

Inspired but want a pattern to tell you what to do?  Try our favorite Border Print patterns!Quilt Border Print Fabric Pattern

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Author: Ellen Ault