Make your own fabric strips on our AccuQuilt Studio Die Cutter

We all love jelly rolls, but what if your new favorite fabric collection doesn’t come in a precut 2 1/2” strip? Let’s finish off Strippy September with learning to create your own strips.  We love the Stripology Ruler to cut strips of varying widths and we previously saw what the Stripology Ruler can do

What if you only need 2 1/2” strips for your project?  Our AccuQuilt Studio will come to the rescue! Within minutes you can cut fabric strips for your next quilt with ease and precision, and no rotary cutting.  Save the wear and tear on your cutting mat, save the sharpness of your rotary blade, and save your back from all that cutting.  You will find using the AccuQuilt Studio is the best option for fabric cutting.

AccuQuilt Studio Rental at Happy Apple Quilts

Now you might not have your own AccuQuilt – and that is exactly the reason we do! You can rent our AccuQuilt Studio die cutter to cut your fabric, here at Happy Apple Quilts.  We have over 40 dies to choose from, and it is only $10 to rent for the hour. Come to the store with your fabric prepared and you can have an entire quilt cut out in one hour.  Learning to use the AccuQuilt Studio will open your eyes to design possibilities. Take a look at some of your favorite strip patterns and see how the AccuQuilt can save you time.

We have the AccuQuilt Studio, the largest cutter available.  In fact, only quilt stores are allowed to purchase this model. All of the available AccuQuilt dies will work on it. Since we have the AccuQuilt Studio, we are able to have the extra-large AccuQuilt 2 1/2” strip die. The die board lets you place a 3/8 yard of fabric on the die to cut five strips at once. You also have the ability to layer up to six layers of fabric with the AccuQuilt. Imagine how many strips you can cut at once!  In three turns of the AccuQuilt, you can make your own jelly roll.

Watch this short video from AccuQuilt to really see how fast the strip cutter works.

Can you imagine the time it would take to cut all of those strips with a rotary cutter?

The video shows how the strip cutter can create straight 2 1/2” strips of fabric but it can do more. After your initial cut, layer the fabric strips vertically to sub-cut your strips.  Instantly you can have 2 1/2” precut squares.  Or lay your fabric at an angle and cut diamonds.   We find many of the dies have multiple uses, depending on how you lay the fabric on it.

With the AccuQuilt you can cut some of the most common quilt block shapes: strips, squares, and triangles.  The dies come in multiple sizes and the triangle dies are our favorite.  The dies precut off the corner tips of your triangles. No little bowties to cut after you sew half square triangles!

Part of the fun of using the AccuQuilt is cutting applique shapes!  We recommend applying your fusible webbing to your fabric first and then use the die shapes to cut out animals, trees, stars and even the alphabet.

Cut Applique Shapes with the AccuQuilt Studio

The AccuQuilt Studio will save you time in cutting quilt blocks and even more time for a few classic designs. We have two Blocks on Board to use with the die cutter which cut out every piece you need for a quilt block.  The single die can cut an entire 12” quilt block in one turn on the AccuQuilt. Layer six pieces of fabric and you have six quilt blocks cut at once. Can your rotary cutter do that? We have the Churn Dash and Eleanor Burn’s Blazing Star pattern available.

AccuQuilt Churn Dash Block on Board

We hope the possibilities of the AccuQuilt Studio excite you for your next project.  You will find the time it saves you in cutting and the precision of the cuts are well worth it.  With over 40 dies available, we are sure to have the cutting dies you need for your next quilt project.  Our applique shapes can add fun decoration to your quilts, bags, and home décor.  

Call the store to set up a time to come in and use our AccuQuilt Studio.  


 Author: Ellen Ault