Happy Apple Quilts shop in Tampa, Florida

Beginner Longarm Freehand Class 11-12


Taught by Jennifer Newell

Enjoy your longarm quilting machine
Learn basic quilting motifs: stipple, hearts, L's and E's, loop, pebbles, double bubble, loop meander, S-curves, paisley echos, swirl with echo, and ribbon candy.

Class begins with doodling on paper. Move to an INNOVA longarm for hands-on practice tracing the shapes on pre-printed on fabric panels. Then it's time to take your new free motion skills to plain fabric. 

After the basic motifs are finished, enjoy ruler work by ditching the "seams" on the panel and practicing clamshells on the plain fabric.

Finally, pounce a basic grid pattern and use one of your newly learned motifs to fill between the lines.


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Fabric can be purchased in decimal quantities starting at 0.5 yd, 0.75yd, 1.0yd, 1.25yd, etc.