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    The Innova Longarm Quilting System is the most American made system on the market!

    Designed, engineered and assembled in Houston, Texas, 

    Innova puts quality before profit and sources parts in America first. 

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    The Florida Quilting Center is the Innova distributor for the state of Florida, 

    with representatives across the state!

    Receive support from our training center in Tampa, Florida, your local Innova representative, 

    or the 24/7 Innova hotline.

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    Innova set the standard for the industry!

    No other stitch regulator comes close to Innova's high quality motor. 

    With the ability to stitch up to 3000 stitches per minute, 

    you will have a perfect stitch length every time.

    Stitch with confidence and speed, using our Lightning Stitch! 

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    Get the best you can afford! 

    Our sitdowns begin at $7995 and the longarms begin at $9,995! 

    The Innova longarm is completely upgrade-able.   Start with the frame to fit your size and add on robotics when ready. 

    With multiple financing options available, 

    purchase the best machine on the market in your budget.


Design your very own                          Longam Quilting Machine!

Innova has the most frame sizes 

& sewing depth options to choose from!

Quilt frame sizes start at 8' to 14'.  

Other custom options available at no extra charge!

All of our Quilting Machine heads are the same 

& completely upgrade-able.

Choose the size best suited for your needs!

Innova Quilting Machine heads come in 18", 22", 26", and 32".


Quilt with the best!

Designed for longarm quilting by those who know best!

Made by Wonderfil for Innova!

Our 40wt 3000yd and 6000yd cones will make your quilting shine!